/ Modular Software Synthesizer

I started to experiment with electronic music, music trackers and digital audio work-stations in 200X. I became curious about how the various audio effects are achieved, and it didn't take long before I ventured into digital signal processing. The great thing about DSP is that there is a lot of room for experimentation, and the results can be seen (image processing) or heard (audio processing), which in my opinion is a very rewarding experience as a programmer.

Modular software synthesizers are nothing new as a concept. There are many commercial and free software applications that already provide a good solution. The thing that makes them great is that you can combine different building blocks to a complex synthesizer and get a very unique sound out of it.

Since this project is in an early stage, the only thing I can show you right now are videos. I hope I can talk a little bit more in depth about the development once the project progresses towards a first release.